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Let's All Be Happy!

And Pet The Cute Puppy.

Tsuzuki Asato
21 January 1987
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Character: Tsuzuki Asato
Series: Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness
Source material: Manga

Canon Personality: Tsuzuki appears as a happy idiot with a love of sweets and sake and has many slacker tendencies. Which is how Tsuzuki is for most of the time. However, there is more to Tsuzuki than that. His biggest wish is for everyone to be happy and is depressed when he must make someone upset or sad. In truth, he hates himself. He'll sacrifice himself for others without a second thought. He hates his job because he has to kill people. This side, however, is rarely seen by anyone, if at all. He won't put his serious problems on others and continues to act like a happy puppy.
Canon Abilities: Tsuzuki can summon twelve powerful Shikigami to do his bidding.
Byakko: White tiger. Power over wind and sound.
Suzaku: Phoenix. Fire.
Seiryu: Blue dragon.
Touda: Black winged serpent. Black flames even able to kill a Shinigami,
Genbu: Black tortoise/snake.
Kijin: Thunder.
Tenkou: Water.
Rikugo: Astrology and time.
Taimou: Spellbreaker.
Kouchin: A musician.
Daion: A pot.
Ofuda magic. Magic he can use by words written on paper. He can make flying papers, use offensive and defensive magic, and security spells.
Tsuzuki also has a white bird familiar to do his bidding.
He flies.
Spirit form. Which means he can turn invisible. Can only be seen with otherworldly senses. He can walk through stuff that's not protected with magic.
Healing. While not quite immortal, Tsuzuki doesn't die easily. If he regenerates faster than the damage, he'll live. He also doesn't have to eat, drink, or sleep to survive.
Canon Weapons/Items: Ofuda paper. A wristwatch on his right wrist. Various sweets.
Canon Strengths: He can cry on a dime.
He is also very good at reading people, usually able to tell what feelings they're hiding.
He makes friends easily and unless they get scared, can keep them well enough.
He is a very good gardener and dancer.
Canon Weaknesses: He seems to attract the attention of very gay man in a five mile radius. Especially perverted ones.
Sweets. Will do most anything for them.
He always seems to cause destruction everytime he gets into a fight.
He can't kill in coldblood. Barely can otherwise.
Self sacrificing and suicidal tendencies.
Can't cook. It's poison.

Ingame Age: 26 (98 once you add how long he's been dead.)
Ingame Major: Ofuda Magic and Summmoning
Ingame Bio: The reports of the living conditions in Endai have become hard to read and determine when people are supposed to be dead. He has come to investigate it. Alone because there were some other problems, and they had to split up the agents.