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There are people around with cat ears and a tail.

And...most of them look ADORABLE!

A Bit Weirded Out...

Hisoka...just called me. And I have to say, I don't think I've ever heard him so happy.

He said...he said Muraki is gone. While we can never actually keep track of Muraki, because of certain circumstances, we DO know if he's gone or not and Hisoka says he's gone and confirmed it.

And I haven't felt Muraki around here at all...

Did someone banish him to the Afterworld?


Mind telling me how? I didn't think he COULD be.
[Screened to Lelouch]
Lelouch-san, I visited Light in the hospital. He was hurt pretty badly.

I think it'd mean a lot to him if you went and visited him.

[Screened to Muraki]


I know you attacked Light.

Tsuzuki had heard on the radio about the attack on Light. Sure, Light broke up with Lelouch, but he didn't deserve to be cut up like the radio said. He had to wonder who WOULD attack Light. And why? Could it have been Muraki?

No, Muraki would have killed him. And it wasn't like Muraki wasn't the only one who could use a knife.

He stopped in front of the Hospital room, carrying some sunflowers. Sunflowers were bright and cheery, so perhaps that would help Light feel better. Tsuzuki hoped, at least. He knocked on the door before slowly opening it, peeking inside the room before stepping inside when he didn't see a doctor with Light. "Light-san, I heard what happened. How are you feeling?" He asked, looking concerned.

Screened to Muraki


What's the deal exactly?

A Question

[Screened to Lelouch]

Lelouch-san, I have a question.

Muraki says you have a power that you used on him to make him lose his mind.

....please tell me it works on spirits.
After a class with the angry kitty, all Tsuzuki wanted to do was stop by the sweet shop, pick up a piece or two of apple pie, and go back to his dorm and rest before he had to do his nightly investigation work.

Of course, things were NEVER that simple. He didn't realize it yet, but it seemed his magnetism for perverts had already been picked up by a certain someone and he just happened to be a rather deserted area when they would catch up.
Hellooooo everyone~!

I'm Tsuzuki Asato, you're new fellow student! And what a wonderful establishment we have here. So many courses. I never imagined they had something like Ofuda and summoning classes!

And I saw this wonderful sweet shop not too far away from my dorm! And it's not even that expensive. It's like heaven~!

Well, I hope to get along well with my fellow students. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun.